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Divinely Inspired ~ Empirically Sound™
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Relationship Dynamics
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Blended Families
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Single Parenting
Work-Life Balance
Behavioral Issues

Every client is different and situation unique. Certainly one size (or approach) does not fit all. Therefore, my personal approach to therapy is integrated and rather eclectic. My interventions are chosen based on your presenting problem, personal attributes and my subsequent diagnostic interview. They may be solely based or include parts of: include; CBT, Solution Focused, Brief, Interpersonal, Family Systems, Transpersonal and Motivational Interviewing to name a few.

Having completed Level I training in the Gottman method, as well as being a Certified Prepare-Enrich Facilitator/Trainer, I've enjoyed helping many couples with Premarital & Relationship Counseling. My own experiences as a Husband and Father of 6 children (4 teens) in a blended family inform and give helpful insights into this complicated family dynamic.

Parenting is a tough job! 


Sometimes our best intentions do not turn out like we had hoped, planned or expected.  Today's busy world requires much more intentional effort to keep a family connected and conflict free.


As a Counselor, Husband, Father, Counselor and Business man, I know personally how difficult things can be (even for a professional).  My own blended family experience (6 kids) give me some unique advantages (and frustrations) to share with you and your family.  Learn from my success's and failures.

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